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November 9, 2006 by Martimus
How do you delete an entire account?
November 7, 2006 by Martimus
I found this on ESPN.COM's Page 2. Link
I thought it was hilarious, and after the last month it seems pretty accurate for how politicians run for office.


Soft, lilting female voice. Because voters worry that Republicans are too right-wing, the voice-over in Republican attack ads is always a sweet, reasonable-sounding woman.

"Did you know that Jim Webb reads novels? That he thinks about sex? Jim Webb has never denied thinking about sex! Jim Webb has been known to ...
November 7, 2006 by Martimus
Today I had a chili cook-off contest at work. They hold one each year to raise money for the Christmas party. I made Chili Con Queso, which is translated to chili with cheese. Anyway, my dad also entered the contest (he works at the same agency as me) but my sister made the chillli for him. So it was me versus my sister (and about 10 other people, but I knew that our chili is really good). My sioster makes excelent chili, and I thought that she would probably win, although mine is really goo...
November 6, 2006 by Martimus
I haven't written anytihng in a while, so I figured I would put up an update in here.

On Friday, I went out to the Library Pub in Novi with my college roommate, Bryan. He invited a few other people, and 10 people ended up showing up. Nick, Bryan, Craig, and Frankie were all Electrical Engineering students in my classes, and Catherine (Cat) was a freshman who lived down the hall on my senior year. The other people who went were friends from work of different people who came. We had a lot o...
November 1, 2006 by Martimus
I am tired of reading blanket statements on this site about liberals. As I am sure other sites have blanket statements about conservatives that are totally off base, so are these. When I read these political posts, I always get this feeling that the writer doesn't truly understand what the words Conservative and Liberal really mean. Rush Limbaugh is not Conservative, he is republican. He may believe that the federal government should be more conservative than it is in certain areas, but he a...
October 28, 2006 by Martimus
If Missy didn't hoe me out and reneg on her invitation to go to the Halloween party in Traverse City, I would have pictures from that. Instead I have this picture from the Kings Ball. This is me and my sister.
October 25, 2006 by Martimus
The Val Kilmer one seems to look the most like my picture.
October 25, 2006 by Martimus
October 23, 2006 by Martimus
After talking with a friend of mine I have taken down all of the things I had written here. What I did was the wrong way of going about things. I didn't have anyone who had time to talk to me, so I wrote everything down here. I did so out of necessity, but now that I have someone to talk to, I can see how wrong it is for me to write the things I have here. I will refrain from writing anything else on this blog. I apologize for anythign that I have said or done here.
October 22, 2006 by Martimus
I think that I am through the shock of Melisa leaving. I started in denial, then I was sad, then I got angry, and now I think I accept it. I don't feel good about it, and I still feel an emptiness inside, but I don't think that is going to go away.
October 18, 2006 by Martimus
I just want to say here, that I love Melisa. I use this blog as a way to vent my frustrations and anger at some of the things that have gone on in our relationship, but that by no means means that she is a bad person. She is a very nice and beautiful person, but when I get upset, instead of call her up and yell at her I vent here, so that is why things I have written here may seem so negative. I generally don't worry about how the people who read this think of her, since neither of us know an...
October 16, 2006 by Martimus
October 6, 2006 by Martimus
For anyone that would like to see my beautiful daughter, here is a link to some pictures of her:


The pictures are from her first birthday party.